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About VEC

Founded in 2016 as an Egyptian joint stock company, VEC is highly specialized in valve maintenance of all types, as well as manufacturing their own quality spare parts to exceed every expectation. The company also boasts extensive expertise in carrying out breakthrough engineering studies and customized consultancy for valves’ supply and installation to cater to varied industry needs.

VEC Vision

To become the leading manufacturer, solution provider, as well as the engineering & repairing services expert in Egypt, the Middle East & Africa renowned for unparalleled quality and timely delivery.

Our Mission

VEC closely works with its clients, considering them partners in its journey towards success. By collaborating with them in every step along the way, we guarantee to reach ideal solutions that best fit their needs while implementing the highest quality standards in record time. We are constantly innovating in our offerings, as well as our way of thinking, deploying the latest technology in maintenance to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and clients while exceeding every expectation in any task we undertake.



VEC originated as an idea, stemming from an entrenched belief in the importance of private business to slowly evolve after two of its main founders decided to join a leading manufacturing company in 2011. Slowly, but surely, the idea crystalized as an innovative vision of a company that offers distinguished services, steeped in engineering excellence with valves at its core. The company’s mission was to add value to the Egyptian market while fulfilling an integral gap that was lacking at the time. The opportunity came to life when a leading company was in search for a specialized arm to implement maintenance work in a large Egyptian industrial project. The founders then decided to size the opportunity by launching VEC in 2016, setting unique strategies that put local and global leadership at their forefront.

The challenge was to establish a fully integrated company, capable of meeting the varied market needs while taking into account financing as a pressing hurdle. By finding the right people who share the same passion for excellence, VEC was able to successfully employ the highest calibers to formulate a professional team boasting technical, financial, practical and administrative expertise to set VEC on the right track. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of VEC’s team, the company has strongly emerged as a pioneering leader seizing opportunities to grow and finance itself, as well as finding the ideal place to launch its presence in Badr City’s Industrial Zone to be strategically located at close proximity to its clients, as well as Cairo’s New Administrative Capital.

Construction project

Work commended in May, 2018 and is due to be completed in 24 months with a set budget worth 18 million EGP. The project was successfully completed before due time.
All construction operations were followed up on and inspected by a global, specialized engineering office to ensure the highest standards of quality and meticulous implementation based on strict engineering specifications and safety standards, guaranteeing zero injuries - which was successfully attained.
The project employed more than 400 workers and the metal structure/framework was expertly designed to withstand a weight of up to 16 tons. Utilizing the latest design methods, all administrative spaces were fully utilized in the most efficient way. The floors were carefully handled to guarantee utmost durability using premium epoxy materials while the entire factory was equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system, as well as a dry air instrumentation 10 bar. Facility planning was carefully executed in line with benchmark requirements in the field and according to the latest innovative methods available. The overall perspective was tastefully design in line with the company’s corporate identity. The finished facility; 1000m2 Factory fully equipped with:

  • Computerized Valve Test Bench Up to 24”
  • Safety Relief Valve Test Bench Up to 12”
  • Vacum Relief Valve Test Bench
  • Over Head Crane 12 ton-2
  • CNC Lathe Machine 4 Axis Traub Germany
  • Heavy Duty Conventional Lathe Machine Excel, England
  • High Precision Lathe Machine, Clochester, England
  • End Mill Machine Bridge Port, England
  • Radial Arm Drill Kitchen and Walker, England
  • Mechanical Hand Tools 4 sets
  • Control Valve Calibrator
  • Compressor 10 Bar
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Argon Welding Machine
  • Assembly Tables
  • Upcoming Machines
  • Vertical Lathe Machine
  • Boring and Milling Machine
  • Thermal Spray System
  • Axis Vertical Machine Center
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • 6-3d scanning system

VEC Organizational Force

VEC believes in quality not quantity. Therefore, the company relies on a dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals to drive its organization from strength to strength. Currently, the company employs 15 managerial experts and 20 technicians and labor force with a unique ability to take on any challenge with a smile.


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